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The Mont Pelerin Society continues efforts to involve younger members in the society and to recruit new young guests who have the potential to become members in the future. As part of that effort, the society is organizing sessions at the 2023 regional meeting in Bretton Woods for scholars age 40 or younger. Scholars selected for inclusion in this program will have their registration fee reduced and be eligible for limited travel support.

Submissions from Young Scholars are encouraged and the committee will consider submissions on all topics related to issues of interest to the society’s aims but we are particularly interested in papers that address the conference theme. Explorations and analyses of the state of the international economic system that emerged in the Wake of the Bretton Woods Conference will receive priority for inclusion, as will analyses that are connected to the goals and outcomes of that system.

These sessions will run during the concurrent sessions and will feature short presentations (~ 12-15 minutes) by three to four young scholars in each session. The proposals should be NEW research of the style that one would present at a professional association meeting in the appropriate discipline.

Proposals will be evaluated on the importance of the topic proposed, how it is addressed, how it fits within the meeting theme and larger program, as well as its fit with the other papers proposed by young scholars. Unfortunately, program space scarcity makes it likely that many proposals of merit will not be able to be placed on the program.

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